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We have experience working in all type of projects: from commercial to residential, from small-scale to medium and large scale projects; remodelings and renovations; sustainable design and construction.


Below is a list of our recent projects in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Goleta:


  • Lingate Ln.

  • Camino Viejo Rd.

  • Mesa Road

  • Donze St.

  • Manitou Rd.

  • Garden St.

  • Panchita Pl.

  • Pueblo St.

  • Northridge Rd.

  • Romaine Dr.

  • Mountain Dr.

  • El Cielito Rd.

  • Reed Court

  • Toltec Dr.

  • Scott Ct.

  • Pismo Beach Circ.

  • Santa Barbara St.

  • Dolores Dr.

  • Ortega St. 

  • Harbor Hills

  • Portesuello Ave.

  • High Grove Ave.

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